Sirius and The Lion’s Gate Portal


Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. It’s also known as the dog star as it lies in the canis major constellation.


The ancients believed Sirius to be a sort of spiritual version of the sun and over the dates surrounding the 8th of August each year when this star aligns with the earth the River Nile flooded.


This sacred time is better known as the Lion’s Gate Portal (it happens during Leo season) and is a time when we’re said to have extra powers of creativity, intuition and insight.


If there was ever a perfect time to meditate and tap into your inner wisdom it is over the next few days, especially so as we wind down with the waning moon before the super positive Leo new moon later this month.


Pay special attention to the area of your birth chart governed by Leo and the sun for more insights as to how this will affect you.


Meditating on the heart chakra is a wonderful way to work with this energy.


Sit in a meditative position. Imagine a bright green light rising up from the ground beneath you, through the root chakra and up the spine until it reaches the heart chakra.


Imagine this bright green light becoming a sphere that spins inside your heart chakra, gradually radiating out and filling your entire body with warmth and love.


As this bright green ball of light expands, feel your heart opening and repeat the mantra, ‘I love myself unconditionally and offer the same love to others’.


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IvorySirius and The Lion’s Gate Portal

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