The Gemini Sagittarius eclipse series, 2020-2021


The Gemini-Sagittarius axis relates to knowledge, how we share and process information and how we make sense of the world.


Gemini is ruled by quick-footed Mercury. New ideas and experiences, the sharing of information, neighbours, siblings and short-term travel are all ruled by this sign. The shadow side can be fickle and gossipy.


Sagittarius is ruled by optimistic, expansive, philosopher-king Jupiter. Sagittarius is all about truth and experience, seeking new experiences, goals and missions that give life meaning.  The shadow side can be tactless and arrogant.


With Gemini-Sagittarius we see the information, facts, details, day-to-day communications versus the belief systems, the goals, the missions and philosophy that gives life meaning.


North node in Gemini


The north node is currently in Gemini while the south node is in Sagittarius.


For a bit more information on what the nodes of the moon mean, click HERE but basically the north node relates to where you can find growth whilst the south node is your comfort zone from which you are encouraged to break free.


Although both sides of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis are needed to attain wisdom, this year the north node in Gemini will ask us to open our minds to a more logical and fact-based approach. Rather than get lost in theory and lofty ideals, it’s now time to focus on practice.


Of course, the placements in your own birth chart drawn at the exact minute you were born can give the real insights into where the current eclipse cycle will affect you. However everyone will experience important life lessons played out through the energy of these signs.


With the north node currently in Gemini now would be the time to find ways to play a part in your community. Look for new local activities and hobbies. Practise the art of communicating, both listening and speaking. Enjoy short distance travel. Focus on doing one thing at a time.



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Meditations and crystals for the Sagittarius-Gemini eclipse series, 2020-21


Full moon lunar eclipse, Gemini, November 30th, 2020
Crystal: Blue lace agate

Sit in a meditative position. Visualise a tiny blue light at the back of your throat and repeat out loud, ‘I bow to the creative energy of the infinite’ or the mantra for the throat, ‘HAM’. You could sing if you like, but be sure to use your vocal cords to activate the throat chakra.


New moon solar eclipse, Sagittarius – December 14th, 2020
Crystal: Blue goldstone

Focus on your biggest wish. If you have everything you could ever need (great law of attraction mindset) focus on world peace. Visualise it as already happening. Now, create a piece of art which symbolises your wish having come true.


Full moon lunar eclipse, Sagittarius – May 26th, 2021
Crystal: Selenite Mountain

 As you meditate in front of the selenite tower, visualise anything holding you back as a heavy weight weighing down on your shoulders. Now imagine a bright white light shining out from the selenite through all this murky energy bringing love and luck instead.


New moon solar eclipse, Gemini – June 10th, 2021
Crystal: Howlite

Wearing your howlite bracelet, sit in a meditative position and visualise a bright, blue light at the back of your throat. Imagine it spinning at the size of a fairy light. Breathe deeply and visualise the light expanding into the space around you, bringing your gifts to the outside world. When you have finished, try creating a moodboard or visionary plan.


New moon solar eclipse, Sagittarius – December 3rd, 2021
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IvoryThe Gemini Sagittarius eclipse series, 2020-2021

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