The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius

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Get ready because a rare ‘Christmas Star’ will appear in the sky at the winter solstice on Monday the 21st of December. We had a blue moon on Halloween and now we get the Nativity ⭐  This ‘Christmas Kiss’ is actually a rare conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter who meet every 20 years but are rarely visible due to the sun’s glare. They’re also usually more than one degree apart. This time they will meet at one TENTH of a degree forming a rare ‘double planet’ that will shine on the horizon for about 45 minutes after sunset.


The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on the winter solstice will be their closest meeting for 400 years. It won’t be until 2080 there will be another as bright and close as this. It’s also the first time in 800 years that the Great Conjunction has shifted back into air signs, which makes it a really big deal astrologically.


But hang on, wasn’t last January’s Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn a way more rare and major event? Should that not receive the greatest title of conjunctions? No, quite simply because you can’t see Pluto in the sky without a telescope. 


Jupiter and Saturn are the two slowest moving out of the five BRIGHT planets, so it’s a spectacle as well as symbolic. (They’re also known as the two SOCIAL planets, with the personal planets being the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and the generational planets being Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).


Jupiter and Saturn


It’s no wonder the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn is believed to have been the same celestial event as the Star of Bethlehem. Expansive Jupiter rules religion, philosophy, luck, generosity, success, long distance learning and travel.


Taskmaster Saturn is associated with discipline, rules and regulations. He is the father figure teaching hard work and responsibility which bring great rewards that last a lifetime.




These two planets were also known as the Great Chronocrators (are you starting to see how great they are?) which in Hellenic Greek meant the markers of time. They’re said to govern the ages, the different phases of society. 


With Jupiter involved there’s an expansive and positive spin on Saturnian energy, and with Saturn there’s a restructuring of our belief systems. More than anything, the meeting of these two planets symbolises something major on a collective level. A new worldview.


As Saturn meets with expansive Jupiter we are given the structure and discipline to make lasting changes in our outlook and our philosophy. We can combine vision (Jupiter) with discipline and structure (Saturn). 


Traditionally the two social planets predicted important events such as the rise of kings. They combine optimism and realism with a sense of mission. The fact they are now meeting in the first degree of Aquarius is super symbolic. It represents a massive turning point in the consciousness of humanity.


Earth to air


The Great Conjunction on the winter solstice will be the first time Jupiter and Saturn have met in the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) for hundreds of years. This makes it a ‘Great Mutation’ too, a period of time where the celestial sands of society shift beneath our feet.



The past 200 years have been focused on earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and on building, security, wealth, structure and organisation. Now we are working with a much more cerebral energy. We’re not interested in the material, but the ethereal you cannot see or hold. 


In fact, as we leave this earthy energy it would be a good idea to tie up all those Capricorn loose ends before the big shift occurs. This could include working on anything to do with security, building solid structures that keep us safe or achievement through hard work which brings long lasting results.


The shadow side of Capricorn is an obsession with success, authoritarianism, rigidity and corporate greed. Now is the time to put this behind us.  


As we move into the age of Aquarius we are faced with a different area to learn lessons and achieve great things. This is, of course, the world of digital.


Aquarius and Uranus


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury. Uranus has a ‘genius’ type energy. Innovations, technology, space travel, AI, the internet are just some of the areas governed by this sign. 


What I love about astrology is random things like this – Uranus wasn’t actually discovered until 1781 when we had the equipment to do so, right at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Before then Aquarius was ruled by Saturn but the sign of innovation needed a new ruler. How ideal Uranus was discovered just then.


Uranus rules the eleventh house of social structures, friends and the collective. A new world order and belief system which flows through airy Aquarian energy places ourselves within the wider sense of the group, of our hopes and wishes, our higher ideals, of new inventions for the bettering of humanity.



Uranus also rules hopes and wishes, airwaves and vibrations. This means he absolutely rules the law of attraction, the idea of creating your own reality through your thoughts. We can expect to see many mind-blowing developments over the coming years in these areas. Fast-moving advances in technology we couldn’t even imagine until now.


Perhaps the way humanity has been sped up with the internet is going to be our main challenge, and with all the technological advances coming our way that will uplift us we will have to find a way to make this work for us on a human level, as a collective.


A note on frequency – Raise your vibration


I keep reading about how the Age of Aquarius will bring challenges in that area of your life simply because Saturn is taking up a two year residence here. Be wary of viewing Saturn (or any planet) as inherently ‘bad’. 


Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and gives us that drive to reach the top. If you want to create something that will go the distance and provide the greatest rewards that pushed you to your mettle and feel like nothing else on earth, look to Saturn.


Saturn represents hard work and accomplishments that stay with you for life. He provides the bind in relationships along with the security and foundations on which we thrive. Lessons can be challenging, yes, but only because this is how we learn, develop and grow. 


In fact, the old idea that Saturn represents hardship or even ‘Satan’, who somehow adopted his name, really messed up the subject of astrology.


In 1524 there was a Great Conjunction in Pisces. An apocalyptic flood was predicted to wipe out humanity (Pisces = water) and many astrologers of the time put their careers on the line by basically predicting the end of the world (what is it with end of the world prophecies!)



It was the first EVER mass media event as displayed by this 16th century poster. People fled to the hills and built rafts and boats to flee the massive flood that appears in this image to come from a giant fish in the sky. It was the talk of the town.


When there was no flood it was pretty much the end of astrology as a credible subject. The writers of the time described us as “foolish star tooters” who should be “shunned like a dragon’s den.” This stuck.


In hindsight, the only really bad thing to come from the event was the decline of astrology. Pisces rules spirituality of course, and the Great Conjunction here could be said to symbolise another shift in the world view, this time away from fortune telling towards Christianity.


Sixteenth century astrologers weren’t too interested in the law of attraction or the idea of raising your vibration. However, one of the things that should come into play in the age of Aquarius is the idea that we can choose our reality. That’s why it’s best to tune into the highest frequency of everything.


Where can you watch the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter?


Unlike the recent solar eclipse in Sagittarius, this astral event is completely visible in the northern hemisphere, weather permitting. On Monday the 21st of December, 2020, for about 45 minutes after sunset, look towards the southwest horizon and you’ll see a glowing orb that doesn’t sparkle appear very low in the sky. 


You may be able to make out the two planets if your eyesight is good, in which case blur your vision for the full Christmas Star effect. 😊


If you’re in a town or city you might want to find a hill or walk to an area with an unobstructed view of the horizon so you can be sure to catch a glimpse. If you have a telescope you’re in for a treat as you’ll see both planets in the same field of vision. They are so close that even with binoculars you should be able to make out some of Jupiter’s many moons.


Seeing them together like this is going to be something no one alive has ever seen, but whether you actually get to see them or not you’ll certainly feel them energetically.


This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, of course! I’m putting together another post on what it means so please sign up to our newsletter if you’d like to receive it in your inbox.


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