The Great Mars Square of 2020

The Great Mars Square of 2020 astrology forecast


This week we have retrograde Mars and the planet Eris conjunct in Aries forming a stressful 90° angle (square) to the Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter stellium in Capricorn. Is there something you’ve been putting off that scares you? Something that involves bravery that makes you a little nervous but you KNOW will sort things out in the long term? Now is the time to face it.




Eris symbolises strife, discord and rebellion. This little-known planet was discovered not long after Uranus around the time the internet was born. Her discovery actually led to both her and Pluto being classified as dwarf planets which somewhat dampened her entrance. 


But the timing of her discovery right at the birth of the internet along with her symbolism as rage against patriarchal, unfair structures is something quite tailored to our times. Eris is a herald of important change. She represents the fury of the repressed.




The last time Mars was retrograde in Aries the Berlin wall came down. This Mars retrograde is on a whole different level so watch what falls (or peaks) over the next two weeks.


On a basic level, retrograde phases gives us a chance to re-do or re-assess the areas of our life governed by that planet. With Mars this includes energy, fight, passion, drive, sex, initiating new projects and taking action. We find ourselves forced to address issues we have not yet faced.





However, this time, the movement of warrior Mars in his home sign of Aries over the second half of the year is a little like rubbing salt into a very deep, societal wound.


Mars will square the planets in Capricorn a total of nine times. Right now we are bang in the middle of the action – PHASE TWO – about to reach the fifth square with Pluto. This is hands down the stickiest, trickiest part of the transformational process.


Capricorn rules the structures that hold us together. This includes teeth and bones, but in society of course it’s government, business, rules and regulations. 


Pluto and Saturn aligning here earlier this year in January presented anything outdated in the areas ruled by Capricorn with the chance to be renewed. This continuous Mars square acts by stoking the fire of Pluto and Saturn, grating back and forth like a saw to cut through the structures that no longer work.


INTERESTING FACT – Did you know that tooth fractures have surged this year? Here’s an article from the New York Times.


This may be a destructive process but such an intense burst of energy is actually pretty useful in terms of breaking through obstacles. This is a time for summoning your deepest vaults of might to get something difficult done. The brave superhero defeating the evil villain.


If these planets are aligning harmoniously in your chart you will be blessed by this hero energy even more. If they don’t, it’s still going to be super beneficial in terms of what will be broken down in order for you to break through.




All astrologers would agree, the next two weeks are hands down the most intense period of this process.


On Friday the 9th of October we have Mars R squaring Pluto who has very recently turned direct, amplifying his transformational energy. Then, just before the new moon in Libra we reach a critical point. 


Sun, Mars, Eris, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter T-Square, OH MY


On Wednesday the 14th of October the Sun will oppose Mars, square Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and form a dreaded T-square. 



Retrograde Mars square Pluto and the new moon in Libra T-sqaure between the sun, Mars and eris, saturn, Pluto and Jupiter



This time is likely to be a huge turning point when we could see something BIG happening on the world stage which changes our societal structures as we know them.


Put simply, it’s the most stressful part of the birthing process, the tightest part of the birth canal. Energy levels are going to be fraught and there is likely to be some rage building related to the area that Mars is transiting in your chart, Aries.




But it’s not all bleak! Far from it. The other planetary transit that rules 2020 is Jupiter sextile Neptune. This glorious alignment is often sidelined and a bit of an afterthought in 2020 astrology, but it’s the whole reason we’re going through this mess.


Jupiter sextile Neptune


Next Monday the 12th of October this alignment will be exact, and with Jupiter no longer retrograde, his spiritually uplifting work here with Neptune is accelerated for the greater good. This really solidifies the fact that right now we have an huge opportunity for a breakthrough, for positive change, despite the stressful way it is unfolding. 


The very fact this is happening as we move through this tumultuous time gives us the promise of a better future.


This is a chance to change the world as we know it. How else would we ever get an opportunity to do this without just the right amount of stress involved to take down old stitches? To be extra sure this actually happens, please try to tap into this energy and keep things moving in the right direction by raising your frequency – joy, spirituality, faith, etc.



Blue Ivory Gloss astrology box



How to thrive not survive 😂  during this one-of-a-kind astrological transit


There are a few different options to take during this once-in-a-lifetime energy. Tapping into the so-called HERO energy of Mars, or calming and cooling the hell down.




This is what Mars is all about. This month, the hero must bring her biggest fight but she’ll be armed with the energy and drive to do just that. She might even enjoy it a little. But there are ways of being sure you’re fighting the good fight.


Work with red jasper crystal to help you maintain that ignition of energy you’ll have at your disposal, prolonging it and grounding you enough that you won’t completely lose your head. 


Big love to Lunar Chi for supplying the gorgeous red jasper crystal candle in last month’s BLUE Ivory Gloss boxes. 





The meditation in the BLUE box to go with the red jasper crystal was about destroying obstacles. Who or what masquerades as the villain in your life? Are there any obstacles holding you back? Now is the time to be done with them.


You could write a list and destroy it dramatically. Since this is Aries I would say go to town and burn it (disclaimer – in a fireproof shell or container!)




Mars energy is fiery, hot, combustible. Try practising this cooling meditation which was in the September BLUE Ivory Gloss box along with a sodalite crystal bracelet.


Wearing your sodalite crystal bracelet, sit in a meditative position or lie on the floor in savasana with your arms and legs slightly apart, your head resting on a blanket or cushion. Feel the earth support you. Melt your body into the floor and imagine pale golden roots growing down into the ground beneath you. Visualise cool water flowing through your veins and down through these roots nourishing the earth. Breathe deeply and evenly and relax your entire body.


Sodalite crystal is great for grounding, cooling, soothing and has inflammatory properties. It’s used to bring emotional balance and re-gather scattered energies.



Click HERE to see some unboxing videos on our YouTube channel





During this time, there are probably going to be moments when you find yourself getting worked up, especially so on the days surrounding each square.


A simple meditation to help you connect to the Earth can help get you through this. You might love this Grounding Meditation gift box with hematite bracelet and a step-by-step meditation to work with the root chakra.




Hematite is a lovely crystal for grounding. It literally feels heavy in your hands. Few people who pick up a piece of hematite won’t be affected by it energetically on the surface level, let alone the sublime. 




Remember that come February 2021 this will all be over and oh my will we feel it! There are some of the most spiritually uplifting, gorgeous, feel good aspects on their way in 2021.


And of course, the beautifully symbolic Jupiter and Neptune sextile is here to raise us higher, collectively. There is a divine plan. Please keep your vibrations high!


A sooner moment of respite comes mid-November when Mars moves direct, but he will later square Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter for the third and final time in December through to January. This is when we will see fully, in retrospect, what this energy meant for our world. 




Remain CALM, cool and collected

Try not to act hastily

Practise self-care

Use this energy to work with your inner, feminine warrior

Stay grounded

Fight the good fight

Focus on higher emotions, forgiveness, gratitude

Don’t fall victim to the lower energies of rage, anger and hatred. Keep those vibrations high



The Great Mars Square of 2020 astrology forecast





25th July: Mars enters retrograde zone at 15° Aries

9th September: turns retrograde at 28° Aries

1st October: full moon in Aries

6th October: Mars won’t be this close to the earth for another 15 years

13th October: retrograde Mars opposite Sun at 21° Aries & Libra – CRUNCH POINT

14th November: turns direct at 15° Aries

2nd January 2021: leaves retrograde zone at 28° Aries



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Ivory Gloss astrology, meditation and vegan beauty subscription box


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