The law of attraction: How to break the blocks that are stopping you from manifesting your wildest dreams


The Law of Attraction is the universal law that like attracts like and your thoughts create your reality. 


There are some very simple steps you can take if you want to work with the law of attraction but the first thing to remember is that no matter HOW MANY times you visualise your wish coming true, it ain’t happening if you don’t actually want it to.


I know, right? This makes no sense! Of course you want it to? Except it DOES make perfect sense because we all have primal fears or ‘blocks’ that affect our behaviours and prevent our wishes from coming true – often without us even realising.


So, before you begin manifesting your desires you’re going to have to do the dirty work of pinpointing any beliefs or fears that may be holding you back…

Most of these fears are completely out of place in our modern age. They come from a primal wound deep within, are totally unrealistic and usually something hard to believe is even related like the time you were picked on at school, or even more confusing, some dark and ancient family wound passed down from some dark and ancient ancestor.


The blocks that prevent the law of attraction from bringing miracles into your life can usually be divided into two categories – a fear of failure, or a fear of success.






The worst thing about these fears is they’re buried so deep and blocked out of our minds to prevent us from going mental but this actually has the opposite effect of making us act in weird ways whilst being totally blissfully unaware about it.


Like that poor soul who always wanted to be an olympic swimmer but swiftly developed a fear of water. These things are totally linked.


Step 1 – Come to terms with your manifestation blocks


So the first step is to pinpoint what your fears may be. Start journaling and see if you can think up the absolute worst case scenario for your dream coming true. Maybe you’re scared of the limelight? Or ‘tall poppy syndrome’ where people are going to criticise you? Or The Daily Hate posting a pic of you looking like a potato, etc.


To start breaking down these negative beliefs you have to take it a step further and pinpoint anybody you might need to forgive for their part in creating them.


Step 2 – Forgive everyone, especially yourself


Make a list of anyone you think could be related to your fears, or anyone you may have uncomfortable feelings about. The idea is to cleanse yourself of any negative vibes by forgiving these people with all your soul.


It is IMPOSSIBLE to work with the law of attraction if you are filled with resentment or anger so forgive, forgive, forgive. Please also include YOURSELF in this list.


Now, go through each and every person on your list and repeat these words which are a variation of the infamous ‘Ho’oponopono’ Hawaiian forgiveness prayer and a swift tonic to cast out the hatred and absorb the joy, ‘I forgive you, I’m sorry, I love you.’


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


We can also help shift these negative beliefs at a deeper level by practising Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which can help shift these negative vibes from the physical body. It works a little bit like acupuncture. For a step-by-step guide on how to do this, click here.


An attitude of gratitude


The next step to working with the law of attraction is to focus on gratitude. Visualise whatever you want to happen as having already happened and thank the universe for it having happened.


TIP – If you haven’t managed to work through the fears that are holding you back, you might find that you can’t even visualise what you want, or that uncomfortable emotions rise to the surface when you do. This is often a clear sign that more work needs to be done and EFT is going to really help you move forwards. Keep working through your forgiveness list.




Now for the fun part. Do everything you can to remind yourself of the fact that your wish has ALREADY come true. Start writing affirmations, change all of your password to your end goal, visualise your dream coming true every single day. Start doing things that support your dream coming true and also things that trick the universe into thinking it’s already happening…


Never ever plead or beg or get into a needy mindset. This is an easy pain point when you start working with the law of attraction – whatever you do, don’t get stuck in needy energy! Stop saying pleeeease and shift into an attitude of gratitude instead. Thank you!


Need some help clearing negative vibes? Try one of our smudging rituals with white sage, palo santo and sweetgrass…



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