Venus Retrograde conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, 2022


This week Venus is conjunct Pluto ready to begin her fabled forty day retrograde through Capricorn where she will reverse back into an exact conjunction with Pluto on Christmas Day. Add the Christmas clash between Saturn and Uranus into the mix and we’re left with some seriously passionate energy for smooching under the mistletoe! Expect extra feisty festivities.


Venus represents everything that is sweet in life, be it love, money or plain old serotonin. Pluto is all about transformation, renewal and power. This Venus Retrograde transit offers a chance to review your feelings, your VALUES and the things that matter deeply in all Capricorn areas. We’re talking status, achievement, the government, rules, control and stability. 


If you look back to early 2020 when Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn we may now get to see just how much our values have changed since then. Venus should bring some sweetness to the work that is being done by Pluto in Capricorn. It’s time now to review how we actually FEEL about the structures that keep us safe.



Venus conjunct Pluto


Venus and Pluto combined is an energy renowned for being cathartic, erotic and full of risk. Jealousy, magnetism and the use of wealth and/or sexuality to gain power are all Venus Pluto vibes. Struggling to remain in control of yourself when immersing yourself in pleasure is one of the lighter downfalls.


In fact, cathartic love affairs, eroticism, intense feelings and the taboo are all areas that may pique your interest over the next few weeks. Be sure to choose outcomes related to your greatest good, avoid trouble, but don’t be afraid to explore this energy.


Here are some things you might like to focus on during Venus Retrograde conjunct Pluto, 2022



Things to do with Venus Retrograde in Capricorn this Christmas 2022


  1. Figure out what you really want from life and how you feel about all those Capricorn areas such as your career. Look to the house ruled by Capricorn in your chart. Do you have anything that needs a little work in this area?


  1. Get to the bottom of your finances and your love life. It’s time for a deep clean of your emotions to do with what you value, whether that’s yourself, or money or love or whatever.


  1. Practise EFT to shift some of those blocks! This is the perfect time to practise healing on a cellular level and purge out all the negativity holding you back from achieving your goals.


  1. Embrace your shadow side a little. Dare to dive deep. Embrace your sense of power. Spend some time figuring out your attitude to power and any triggers you may have in this area.


  1. Renew your relationship vows and/or spend some time delving into erotica or the taboo.


  1. Focus on healing, transforming and creating from the darkness. Venus conjunct Pluto is also in a sextile Neptune. This is a very creative energy. What can you bring into the light? Indulging in creative or spiritual energy is likely to be especially cathartic.


Work on healing both the sacral chakra and the heart chakra.



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IvoryVenus Retrograde conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, 2022

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