Venus Retrograde in Gemini 2020


Venus will be retrograde in Gemini between the 13th of May and the 25th of June, 2020. The shadow period, when she transits the area of sky she will be retrograding is of course a little longer, lasting between 9th April and 29th July.

NEWSFLASH! Venus is already in the first shadow phase. This gives us a chance to ease into this upcoming reversal of energy and start reassessing the ways we can improve in matters of the heart and finances, rethinking how to integrate the energy of Venus into our lives.

Venus retrograde, much like Mercury retrograde, has an unfairly bad rep. Some astrologers describe a retrograde period as the planet resting, and whilst the slowing down of Mercury (which symbolises communications and commerce) might be annoying it isn’t quite as tricky as confused love, or resting finances, which tend to affect our emotional (and physical) wellbeing instead.

But Venus retrograde is only going to make your life difficult if you don’t play by the rules. If you push against this energy you will likely face obstacles, but if you turn your energy inwards and use it as a time of rest, healing and review, it’s a potentially life-changing influence.

The hot spots for this Venus retrograde are Gemini 0-2º, 5-6º, 20- 21º and 28-29º. If you have natal planets or sensitive points at these degrees in any of the mutable signs (also Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) you will be affected more intensely. If you know the house and sign of your natal Venus you will be able to work with this energy more effectively.

What will link us all during this particular Venus retrograde is its placement in airy Gemini.

Venus in Gemini is the social butterfly who craves variety, change and mental stimulation. She loves short distance travel, stimulating outings and communicating with friends, siblings and neighbours. 

She creates an attraction for the mind rather than just physical appearances.

With Venus retrograde in Gemini, how we communicate in our social lives comes up for review. Of course, this is happening on a huge scale in our physical world with the coronavirus pandemic so we are actually very well placed to work with this energy. 

It’s also fitting that Venus retrograde 2020 coincides with the intense, destructive and transformative energy of the ongoing transit Pluto conjunct Saturn, the first meeting of these two heavyweights occurring at the time of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak last January.

Later this year Mars will also be retrograde. I’ll write something on this later so remember to sign up for our emails to receive it in your inbox.

This year really looks like a huge game changer where we can review how we operate on a global level before we begin to forge a new future, but in the next two months how we relate to others, travel and communicate on a day-to-day basis will all receive a big dose of healing energy.

There are also other very important areas for Venus to refine…

What are the best ways to thrive during Venus Retrograde?


Sacred self-care

The literal meaning of turning the energy of Venus inwards is spending some extra time delving into your own self-love. How can you find new ways, or return to old ways, of nurturing your inner child and caring for your inner self?

You might like to try journaling or visualisations which tap into the areas around your self-worth and who you are at a deeper, soul level.

The only type of self-care you don’t want to indulge in during Venus retrograde is anything that will affect more superficial delights such as your appearance. Plastic surgery is a big no (thankfully for those NOT in the know there isn’t a lot of chance for cosmetic procedures this year!) 

Another risky endeavour would be to try a new hairstyle. If you do have to cut your own hair, stick to the tried and tested, if possible.

Talking therapy

No matter what sign Venus happens to be retrograding there will be plenty of emotions rising to the surface. With this Venus retrograde happening in talkative Gemini these feelings need to be released into the real world and shared with those they concern. Try to release them strategically rather than during an emotional outburst.

Venus retrograde in Gemini is an ideal time to think about ways you can refine your communications. If you struggle in this area it would be a good time to start therapy or look into alternative ways to communicate.

Perhaps writing your feelings down can help you to communicate in a more balanced way? Alternatively you may find a new way of communicating your feelings through art or music.

Relationship SOS

Emotions that have been simmering are likely to blow their top at some point during this cycle. Watch carefully for burn out and stress as any arguments can be counterproductive as the soothing energy of Venus is dampened. Make plenty of time for relaxation, and of course, self-care.

When entering into any ‘discussions’ keep this in mind and aim to find new ways to communicate or call on a therapist to help out. Any big decisions made during this period to do with your relationships are likely to look quite different when Venus moves direct again so try not to do anything too final because you are more than likely to change your mind.

Reconnecting with past loves and friends

If you’re currently heartbroken and reading this super excited at the thought of your ex reappearing – perhaps think again! Everything emotional is on shifting sands and will be until Venus is completely out of shadow at the end of July. 

During Venus retrograde it’s always best to be cautious in matters of the hearts. Often we feel differently when Venus moves forward again so do be aware if an ex returns.

The best way to connect with exes and old friends is with an attitude of healing and forgiveness whilst looking for opportunities to grow emotionally. If this means healing painful wounds or releasing emotions then remember to be lovely to yourself and focus on nurturing your inner child.

Fixing finances

Venus retrograde is never a good time to invest as investments could lose value when Venus turns direct again, however it’s a great time to review your finances. Look at ways you’re spending where you probably shouldn’t be and how your self-esteem aligns with your finances. Maybe you are scared of earning more? Or feel like you’re not worthy of wealth. Spend time journaling and working through these very important and deeply connected issues.

What are the best celestial tools for Venus retrograde 2020? 


Crystals for Venus retrograde 2020

Rose quartz – the crystal of unconditional love, rose quartz has a soft feminine energy of compassion, tenderness and comfort. Rose quartz is available in our Ivory Gloss mala meditation boxes which contain rosewood mala beads. Meditate using the mantra ‘I am love’ or another of your choice.

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Rhodonite – a beautiful, pink, opaque stone with a healing energy that helps soothe emotional wounds and nurtures self-love. 

Green aventurine – works with the heart chakra and also taps into our finances, self worth and the more earthly values of Venus being security, our belongings and money.


Meditations for Venus retrograde 2020

Heart chakra meditation

This guided visualisation for the heart chakra can be practised in any meditative position. Focus on a tiny green light at your heart chakra in the centre of your chest resting against your spine. Imagine the green light expanding with warmth and love until it radiates through your entire body. Repeat the mantra ‘I am love’. When you are ready, visualise the green light returning to its normal size of a fairy light.

Inner child meditation

This can also be done through journaling. You might like to hold an item that reminds you of a favourite time in childhood, or an offering to your inner child. Visualise your inner child as sitting right in front of you. Ask her for permission to comfort her and watch for her reaction. If she doesn’t want to be comforted you may have more work to do with your inner child. If she allows you to comfort her, hold her gently and enjoy the sense of love and comfort. You might also like to ask her questions and journey into that lost part of yourself.


Essential oils for Venus retrograde 2020

Melissa – this has therapeutic benefits for the lungs and has also been proven to help with asthma. On an energetic level, melissa essential oil is very soothing and balancing. It can help with anxiety, particularly that caused by emotional issues or relationships.

Rose oil – always associated with lovely Venus this essential oil brings comfort and sensuality, helps mend emotional wounds and reminds us to take time for ourselves in order to share our love with others. Rose is said to have the highest spiritual frequency of all essential oils. It soothes the heart chakra, allowing unconditional love.

Jasmine – The most uplifting of essential oils to work with the heart chakra, jasmine essential oil balances emotions and helps with apathy or depression. It also helps encourage hope, happiness, and of course, love.


Key dates which stand out during this Venus retrograde

13th May – Venus stations retrograde. This is the moment Venus appears to stand still and before she begins to move backwards, expect the energy to be most intense now.

22nd May – New Moon in Gemini trine Saturn. With the retrograde energy of Venus picking up speed this new moon will bring to light all the emotional issues we need to fix and provide us with a plan to do so. If you begin some sort of sacred self care practice during this transit, this would be the day to do it.

3rd June – Sun conjunct Venus retrograde (square Mars in Pisces) watch for emotional outburst and major disagreements, or spicy sexual escapades (good or bad, it could go either way!)

19th June – Sun conjunct the North Node in Gemini – the moon’s nodes are linked to the subconscious. This could be a lucky day that may put you in the right place at the right time for something that relates to your destiny. 

25th June – Venus returns to direct motion. Expect the last of the emotions to surge to the surface and for you to see them in a distinctly new light. From now we may start to see the positives of all this review, but on the day she turns the energy is quite confused so tread carefully.


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