Meditation: How to find your zen

It would be great if you could just ease yourself into a regular meditation practice but if you suffer from anxiety or overthinking (Christ, who doesn’t) then you may like to try one of the many tools available to enhance your meditation practice. It’s true that you don’t NEED any of these tools to meditate, the beauty of it being …

IvoryMeditation: How to find your zen

12 tips to ease anxiety

  Anxiety. So easy to fix… just meditate. Yeah right! When your stress levels are out of control the last thing you want to do is sit cross-legged and breathe, WAY more fun to tense up your entire body whilst imagining every single way things could possibly go wrong. Oh to be human in 2019 🙄 But the best way …

Ivory12 tips to ease anxiety

Self care for your inner critic

self care and mental health

Your self-beliefs are either the secret sauce or a recipe for disaster. If yours are a little negative try these three steps to strengthen your sense of self and silence that inner critic. 1. Raise Awareness The first thing to become aware of, is what your limiting beliefs ARE – remember, our beliefs tend to run the show subconsciously – …

IvorySelf care for your inner critic


If you create content or any form of art then you may have met with the joys of procrastination or RESISTANCE as I like to call it, which is less laziness, more psychological disorder (not sure which is less glamorous) and can stem from anything from a fear of failure (don’t shun me from the village) to a fear of …


5 steps to free your mind

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Meditation is a great way to find inner peace but even if you meditate regularly you may still find it hard to free your mind of anxieties and problems. Just as mindfulness techniques may help calm your nerves they’re often not enough to cut through the root of your worries. In the Tapussa Sutta the Buddha explains a way you …

Ivory5 steps to free your mind

Self care at work

Self-care at work is all about working smarter. I spoke to Nadia Narain, yoga teacher and co-author of Self-Care in the Real world and Sarah Bladen, author of Practical Zen for Health, Wealth and Mindfulness about how to look after yourself in the workplace. Self-care is no longer seen as indulgent or selfish but actually pretty crucial in the digital world …

IvorySelf care at work