12 Tips To Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety. So easy to fix… just meditate. Yeah right! When your stress levels are out of control the last thing you want to do is sit cross-legged and breathe, WAY more fun to tense up your entire body whilst imagining every single way things could possibly go wrong. Oh to be human in 2019.


But the best way to prevent anxiety is to put in some regular work. All of it is actually enjoyable, it’s just our fast-moving digital culture makes it hard to do. Anyway. Here are some basic tips to decrease your levels of anxiety…


1. Self-care – just do something you enjoy


2. Chant I AM ENOUGH until you have actually had enough. There’s a great TED talk by Marisa Peer who suggests writing this affirmation on your mirror. Just a subtle, daily reminder that despite your inner critic’s worst intentions, you are totally amazing


3. Meditate every day – you literally only need 5 minutes. Try starting right now. Put your phone down and count your breaths

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4. Put down your phone!


5. Eat properly – magnesium in, sugar out


6. Exercise – working up a sweat will help flush out the hormones that cause stress, while taking up a regular yoga practice will reduce anxiety, but any form of exercise will have a positive impact


7. EFT – Google it (gah, can’t get away from the internet can I) it’s totally woo woo but works. Basically, as you’re repeating your fears out loud or in your head you shift the physical emotional energy by tapping along the meridians in your body, a little like acupuncture

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8. Practise gratitude – a daily practice can literally change your brain


9. Positive affirmations!


10. Massage – get one of those spiky balls or ask someone else to physically de-stress your body


11. Obviously had to include this one… subscribe to the Ivory Gloss subscription box for a monthly guided meditation and luxury self-care treats


12. Go to the seaside for ocean therapy, the best kind


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