What is Spiritual Purpose? | How to Find Your Spiritual Self

Sometimes in our fast-paced world, we can feel disconnected, but there are many ways we can feel more at one with our source. Here are some suggestions.

1. Give your soul a voice


Write a letter beginning with the words, ‘If my soul could speak, it would say…’ Do not edit, judge, or censor yourself, and do not lift the pen from the paper for at least 10 minutes of stream-of-consciousness writing.


If you do not know what to write, keep writing, ‘I do not know what else to write until something else occurs to you.


We are souls temporarily residing in a body, and we have many friends in spirit who are assisting us through this physical experience. Most of us are blind to this, though.


We’ve been indoctrinated with the ‘I won’t believe it till I see it’ mentality of five sensory existence. In fact, the opposite is true. You won’t see it till you believe it.



2. Use the healing power of nature


Part of our disconnection from our spiritual selves is a result of our disconnection from Mother Earth. Rather than seeing ourselves as a part of her cycles and seasons, we rebel against her natural rhythms.


We snub sunrise and sunset in favor of artificial light and alarm clocks, and we ignore the change of seasons by insisting on access to berries in winter and pumpkins in summer.


Yet the more we fool ourselves that we are separate from the Earth, the more we silence our inner guidance and disconnect from who we really are.


Reconnecting with nature and her rhythms is one of the quickest ways to find your spiritual self. So my second suggestion is to regularly make an effort to spend time in a natural environment.


The energy of nature cleanses your energy bodies, sweeps your aura, and reconnects you to the planet and the universe. Being in nature is the best way to get peace of mind and hear your true soul talking. 


For me, early mornings at 5 am is the best time to replenish my energies. I walk along the beach or in a park, listening to the singing of birds and the sounds of nature. I inhale the smells and feel the air on my skin as my eyes drink in the natural colours and shapes.


Give thanks to the universe and nature for their precious healing gifts, whilst they are being absorbed into your mind, body and soul, thus bringing you closer to who you really are.


3. Blue liquid visualisation


One of the strongest tools I use when teaching intuition and healing is visualisation and this blue liquid technique is one the best.


Every time you’re in the shower, stand under the water and see it as a bright blue colour. Instead of going over you, see it going through you, pouring in from the top of your head and all the way down to your feet.


As this healing blue liquid passes through your body, stop at the parts where you think you need help, and swirl it around there for longer. See the liquid flow down through your torso, stomach, legs and feet.


As it comes out the bottom of your feet, it turns brown in colour and runs into the drain. Visualise all your toxins, sickness and negativity coming out of your body and flushing away.

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4. Invoke the angels


Ever since I can remember, I have seen and heard the Spirit world. Yes, I’m talking about non-physical beings like angels and people who’ve passed over.


This has attracted sniggers of disbelief over the years but it’s my truth and I won’t deny it or pretend otherwise. It has also profoundly shaped my attitude to life and so-called death.


When I teach a healing workshop, we do group exercises to clear ourselves of toxins and stress, and to align with higher energies. One of these exercises is a potent angelic mantra or angel invocation.

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Chanting this mantra raises our vibration. Anyone sensitive to energy will feel or even see angels flocking in from everywhere to be with them.


This simple chant is a way to use sound to align with the angels. There are only four words to it. You repeat three words three times and then finish with the final word.


Repeat the chant as many times as you like. Each word is chanted with the same tone. You can use any note that feels right to you. Experiment until you find a note that feels clear and comfortable. Here are the words:


‘Eee Nu Rah, Eee Nu Rah, Eee Nu Rah Zay’


Eee means ‘all that I am that is not physical, my mind and my emotions’. Nu means ‘my physical body’. Rah means ‘my soul’. Zay means ‘in the company of angels’.


The words of the chant mean, ‘I bring all of myself, mind, emotions, body and soul, together in the company of the angels’. It is a quick and easy way to invoke the angels – a way of saying ‘angels, here I am ready to be with you’.


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